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Brownfield Development

Working with the Project Developer we envisioned a theme to explain the benefits accruing from the transformation of vacant tobacco warehouses in the heart of a town once divided by railroad tracks. This project will unify the corridor containing the economic engines on the east and west sides of town.

Non-profit profile

We showcased the life-changing work happening at a Baltimore Non-Profit by shadowing a student athlete who's mentorship began in middle-school. Their mission is to give such student athletes the life skills needed to get into and graduate from excellent colleges and universities.


Web-content: Instagram one-minute musician profile that mirrored the "Impromptu" section in the BSO Members Program. This "quick-turn" turn-key content was shot, edited, and delivered within two days.

Baltimore Symphony orchestra

Icelandic Kelp

Government Public Hearing: Collaborated with a start-up to successfully explain their state-of-the-art environmentally sensitive intellectual property and how their production plant will tap into nearby geo-thermal energy and fit into the Husavik harbor without adverse effect. Drafted in English, mastered in Icelandic!

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