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Brendan Sailing

This non-profit in Annapolis realized that describing their work with PowerPoints had no emotional impact.  By finding strong characters to tell their story we succeeded in leaving a lasting impression.

Non-profit profile

Before they could ask for donations, this non-profit needed to show donors what they did, and how they changed lives. People are the focus here. This was shown at their Gala and lives on as

a pitch video for prospective


vacaville Anti-fentanyl

The Vacaville California Police and School District teamed up to use Purdue Pharma Grant money to deliver a hyper-local story for a teen audience showing that those who were dying from fentanyl poisoning in their small town were their neighbors. we

Icelandic Kelp

Collaborated with a new US/Icelandic start-up to successfully explain their state-of-the-art environmentally sensitive intellectual property and how their factory will tap into nearby geo-thermal energy and fit into the Husavik harbor without adverse effect. Drafted in English, mastered in Icelandic!

Innovative  Developer

This Baltimore Developer needed to show the local residents at the site of their project in North Carolina how their new development will
help to revitalize this small town by linking two areas that have previously been separate. This video led to an increase in pre-build leasing for the yet to be built property.

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